Industrial Services

Industrial services are structured to assist the worker in obtaining the most desirable outcome in returning and/or keeping the worker at their job. The services can range from preventative educational seminars to rehabilitating an injured worker and returning him/her back to work. Jaworski Physical Therapy provides a comprehensive program including:

Ergonomic Job Analysis

Job site assessment of employee work stations with recommendations fro modifications needed to avoid injury or re-injury.

Employee Education

Educational programs provided at your work site for training in safety and injury prevention. Active Therapy Programs Rehabilitation programs for any type of injury condition or surgery. Services provided by experienced BWC certified providers.

Work Conditioning

Program initiated after the active therapy program is completed which is designed to develop the strength, flexibility and endurance required to return to work.

Transitional Work Programs

Therapist comes to the work site and a program is developed with the injured worker and the employer to progress the worker to a targeted job.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

A comprehensive 2-3 hour evaluation performed by a therapist to determine if a person is ready to return to work with or without restrictions, disability benefits, or is used to help in negotiations of a claim settlement. The standard FCE can be modified to focus on specific functional requirements of a job or activity.

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