Athletic Training

You have probably seen our Athletic Trainers, Ann and Laura, rush out onto the local high school football field to take care of an injured athlete during a sporting event. But that's not all our Athletic Trainers do. Our Trainers' first responsibility is injury prevention. As a result they will educate you in how to avoid putting yourself at risk for injury and how to properly use equipment to prevent injuries. In the event that you have injured yourself they will evaluate you and work with you to develop a plan to return you to the highest level of activity or competition as possible. Our Trainers can tailor a program for the recreational athlete as well as the athletes competing at the highest level of their sport. They can also develop a "sports performance" program for you if you are trying to move from one level of competition up to the next. At Jaworski Physical Therapy, Inc. we're working to "keep you in the game".

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