Aquatic Therapy

Water therapy is used to decrease the stress on your joints while you exercise. The buoyancy of the water along the warmth of the water (92 deg) decreases muscle tension and allows for increased movement as well as for decreasing soreness and pain. Our pool is also equipped with water massage jets at each level of the pool to promote relaxation and control pain. You should try aquatic therapy:

  • If pain makes it difficult to exercise on land.
  • You have pain in hips knees or ankles making it difficult to stand.
  • You suffer from chronic pain - back or neck.
  • You have fibromyalgia.
  • You have arthritis affecting more than one joint.
  • Or, you simply want to enjoy the benefits of the water when you exercise.

Information you need to know: our pool has 3 levels (3,4,5 feet) and is kept at 92 deg. Shower and changing room are available, towels are provided; If you have open areas, rashes or other signs of infection you man not use the pool. You do not have to know how to swim to benefit from Aquatic therapy.

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